For any machine to last long, it must be taken good care of. The same case applies to a motorcycle. There are major things you should be keen with to make sure your motorbike serves you for long and in the best conditions.

How to take care of a motorcycle

Engine oil

drfcgvhbnmsdfghThe oil in the engine lubricates the engine, gears and also keeps the engine cool. When the oil stays for long without been replaced, it gets very thin and hence it cannot perform its work well. It does not lubricate the gears as required and the engine is not getting cooled as it should. It is for this reason you should change it on a regular basis. The manual will guide you on how frequently, to change the oil. Your mechanic can also guide you on the right time to change.

Motorbike tires

Motorbike tires will determine, two things, how well you handle the motorbike and also affects on fuel consumption. Worn out tires make it hard to control the motorbike, this tends to increase the level of fuel consumption. For your safety and less fuel consumption, it is advisable to check wear and tear of tires from time to time. If they are badly torn, then you better replace them.


The horn is deemed a simple part of the motorbike, but it plays a very big role. It should not be ignored. It can save your life as well the life of pedestrians. By using it regularly, you are taking care of it. Ask your mechanic to check if it’s working every time you visit them. Avoid long pressing when using. If it is not in good condition, replace it soonest, so that it will be available when needed.

Motorbike chain

The chain is ever rotating; this simply means it should be well lubricated. If not, it will easy get damaged because of the heat produced. This poses a big danger as it can fall off when riding at high speed. Take the motorbike to the mechanic frequently for chain tightening and inspection. He or she will advise you when replacement is needed.


fghvbjnwedrtyg It is very dangerous riding a motorbike with vault brakes. We all know the importance of brakes to any automotive. For your safety, make sure that brake pads are not worn out to dangerous levels. The good thing about brakes is that you can inspect them by yourself. Always make sure the brake pads are at a 3 mm width. If less than that, replacement should be done immediately.