Features of The Instagram Prop Frame

You may ask, what is a prop frame? A prop frame is similar to the old photo booths; it is an entertainment centerpiece that is mostly used in parties. An Instagram prop frame are perfect for events such as; Church events, birthday parties, prom, graduation photo frame, family reunions bridal shower photo, sweet sixteen, anniversaries, new year’s, Christmas season, Cooperate event, and business events among others. Instagram prop frames allow your guests to print, email, and text or even share their photos in the event instantly. The instagram selfie frame is similar to an instant photo booth. Nowadays prop photo frames are the “thing” of this generation that allows you to capture the excitement and moment at a given party or event.


What does photo prop frame entail?

hghghgghbAn Instagram photo frame is a frame which is composed of writings that are of social media similarities. An Instagram prop frame includes the following; a photo that resembles your Instagram profile picture, your Instagram username (this may be real or fictions) and the location of maybe the event. Also, details on how long ago the photo was taken, the number of Instagram heart likes you are interested in and the words that serve as a status for the photo and finally comments from other users below the photo. The message to be conveyed is mostly printed on a coroplast material 4mm with a full-color imprint.

Materials needed to make an Instagram prop frame

A good advantage of the prop structure is to help those individuals who are usually uncomfortable in front of the camera when taking photos. To make a prop frame, you will need the following materials; a color printer that can at least print your frame details in a colored form. The printer you use will need to be an A4, A3 or even an A0 printer because the frame captures a good part of your entire body and also the frame can accommodate like over five people. You may require having a cardboard thought this is optional. You also require to glue; the glue is used to stick the frame to the cardboard. Another material that you need is a craft or a Stanley knife. After you have printed and stuck the frame on the cardboard, you will need something as sharp as a knife to cut out the printed frame.


ghghghggProps are things that are common in this selfie obsessed generation we are living in. Props act as masks. Guys who are normally uncomfortable in front of the camera prefer using props. Examples of commonly used Instagram props are; costumes, masks on sticks and frames among others.